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Learn ballet, jazz and tap at a heavily discounted rate!

If your child is keen to progress their dance skills, the three core styles they need are ballet, jazz and tap.

Sometimes older dancers want to pursue their passion more intensely, but if they haven’t learned basic techniques as a young child, it can present a real challenge. Learning these three styles will teach them the fundamentals of dance technique, giving them options to develop as a dancer as they get older.

To help as many of our dancers train in multiple styles as possible, we offer a significant discount when you book all three styles of classes.

The Showstopper Package includes –

  • Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Tap

for just $369 per term. That’s a saving of over $450 a year!

If your dancer is super keen, they can still book the Showstopper package and add any number of additional classes to it (eg. acro, musical theatre etc).

Like to chat further about it? Contact us on to discuss your options.