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Performance Programs

Dancers don’t need wings to fly

For highly committed dancers, keen for that next challenge and extra performance opportunities, being involved in a performance team can be an incredible experience. At Bayside Dance, we offer a range of performance programs, each designed to suit dancers with different needs.

Mini Troupe (4-6 years)
For young dancers who love dancing and want to explore getting on stage! 

Performance Teams (7 years +)
Designed for dancers who love to dance and who want to get experience on stage while having, fun making friends and learning new skills! 

Talent Development Program (10 years +)
Designed for dancers seeking an exceptional dance experience, with additional coaching, multiple performance opportunities and a high calibre of technical tuition. Drawing from the latest academic research in talent development in dance, this program is designed for dancers who are seeking specialised training in order to propel them towards future full-time dance training and a professional dance career. 


Applications for our 2024 teams have now closed. Please email us if you have any queries about our 2024 program.