Meg Milton


In Meg’s five years of high school, she studied dance and was involved in an extra curriculum dance troupe. As dance captain at Wavell State High School she developed in performance, leadership and team work.

Meg topped her dance class in high school and her choreography was also developed into a routine for the Brisbane Eisteddford (placing 2nd) and more recently a music video for a university group. After graduation Meg was determined to continue learning and performing in the creative arts. She performed in Annie and Cats with Queensland Musical Theatre.

Not only is Meg passionate about Musical Theatre but she also fell in love with choreographing. Meg especially loves to choreograph contemporary pieces which allows her to be versatile and abstract with her movement. As Meg is still learning as a dancer and artist she is beyond excited to continue her passion in such a positive and welcoming studio.

Qualifications and Achievements:
  • Queensland Musical Theatre