A New Way to Enrol in 2024

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A new way to enrol in 2024!

Can you believe we are in August already?

The years seem to disappear so quickly! As a studio, while there is still so much of 2023 to deliver, we now start to turn towards planning for 2024.

I always approach the new year with a lot of intention, evaluating what has worked well, where we can improve and where we can simplify our processes. Our journey into timetable planning for each year begins in June, with an assessment of the number of students we have in each class, where they might move up to, what classes we think will be popular, who is most gifted at teaching what styles and age groups, our waiting room capacity at busy times, and more!

In considering 2024, we’ve decided to make one change that I think will thrill parents. Because we are nearing capacity in all most classes, we’ve decided to change from “re-enrolment” to “rollover”. Essentially what it means is that instead of having to sprint to re-enrol your dancer into classes in 2024, we will have already enrolled them for you! You’ll be given the opportunity to then make changes before locking in for 2024. The benefits for you as parents will be:

  • Ease – we’ve taken care of the hard work figuring out which level your dancer goes into and will eliminate the possibility that they’ve been booked into the wrong class. You can tick that off your list!
  • Time – we’ll save you heaps of time in re-enrolling. Changes can be made with a quick email!
  • Confidence that your dancer’s place in class will be held and you won’t miss out!
  • You’ll be prepared for 2024 well ahead of time and can breathe easy through the end of term 4 school craziness

We’ll still have an opportunity for dancers to try new classes after our concerts, which is always popular, and we’ll still be sending out our “report cards” for school aged students so that they can receive lovely feedback from their dance teacher.

I’m looking forward to implementing this change and making life just a little easier for our dance families! We’ll be sending out your rollover information for 2024 early in Term 4.

Miss Kaitlin

14 August 2023

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