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Recently 10 dancers and two teachers from Bayside Dance visited the Australian Dance Festival in Sydney! The festival has been running for over a decade and consists of workshops and performances by choreographers from all over Australia and overseas.

Our dancers had a ball trying workshops in different styles and seeing performances. Have a read of their reflections about the weekend:

‘My favourite thing about this weekend was getting to try different styles of dance. I also enjoyed getting to get closer to my dance friends and teachers. Another thing I enjoyed was seeing the shows each night, they were really inspiring.’

‘My favourite thing about this weekend was that we got to try so many dance classes which was awesome to get to learn lots of different dance styles. Also I loved the bonding that we got to experience amongst our group.’

‘My favourite activity was experiencing all the different genres of dance in a workshop environment. As well as going to watch the shows at night, I learnt so much about all the different aspects of dance.

‘This weekend, I loved getting to take classes with lots of different teachers and choreographers. It was amazing to be around so many other dancers from all around Australia. I also really enjoyed getting to see so many talented dancers performing at the shows. It was also really fun to get to try out new styles I don’t usually get to study, like hip hop.’

‘My favourite aspects of ADF were firstly getting the opportunity to experience what we did, and getting to learn how other teachers teach and learning to pick up choreography quickly. The classes I enjoyed the most were lyrical and jazz (on the first day). They were my favourite because I got to try so many new things and I learnt so much just from that one class.’

‘My favourite thing about the ADF was getting to experience all the different workshops and getting to be trained by all the different choreographers. I really enjoyed trying workshops in the styles I haven’t done before. I also really enjoyed seeing all the night performances which I learnt a lot from. Over all I really enjoyed my experience at ADF and would happily go again!’

‘My favorite part of this weekend was having the chance to experience all the different dance styles. I really enjoyed the hip hop workshop with J.B. the most because I really got into the dance and gave it a lot of feeling. I had so much fun this weekend at ADF and I really hope I can go again next year.’

‘I loved ADF! It was an experience I will never forget. Every dance workshop we did was so different and challenging in it’s own way. My favorite workshop was the senior jazz because it was really challenging and funky. I learned so much from all the different choreographers, it was also really nice to have a try at some new styles like lyrical. I would love to go back to ADF next year.’

‘My favorite part of the ADF was the first day where we did hip hop. This was because it was challenging and was a new experience. I love the instructor because he was fun, happy and made the environment amazing. I also enjoyed how we were all together so we could enjoy the experience together. I hope we can do it again next year.’

‘One of the highlights of the Sydney trip for me was the hip hop workshop on the first day. The choreography was fun and the teacher was really engaging and he made the workshop fun and entertaining.’

‘My favourite thing about this trip to Sydney was that all the dancers gave each workshop a red hot go! They were well out of their comfort zones and really pushed themselves to pick up challenging choreography, sometimes in styles they’ve never studied before. They clapped and cheered for other dancers and were respectful and patient. Thank you for inspiring ME with your energy and enthusiasm dancers!’
Miss Kaitlin

A big thank you to Bayside Boat Canopies for sponsoring our trip!

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