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Back to dance…our top organisation tips!

Whether your child danced with us online or had an isolation break, the time has come to get back into it! It may seem a bit daunting…however did we manage the after-school rush before? Here are our top three ways to make after-school activities a breeze!

Keep their energy up with a nutritious snack between school and dancing. Try adding extra snacks to their lunch box in the morning (an ice brick will help keep them fresh), or pack a separate container and grab it from the fridge on your way to school pickup. Our favourite energy snacks include veggie sticks and dip, vegemite and cheese on rice cakes, yoghurt, fruit or hummus and crackers.

Encourage your child to pack their bag the night before, or even on the weekend. It’s helpful to have a designated bag (check out our Bayside Dance bags, currently FREE with a dance wear purchase of $60 or more!), and pop uniform items straight back into the bag after washing. Don’t forget things like socks, hair stuff, underwear and of course a bottle of water!

Need to entertain a sibling while you wait? Right now, we are restricted in the waiting room, so consider a walk, the park or a café treat as options to entertain brothers and sisters. It’s a five-minute drive to the Esplanade for a walk or visit to the Whale Park, or four minutes to the Wynnum CBD where Matilda The Art Of Gelato is a crowd favourite! There’s a brand new playground on Pine St that we’re dying to check out too. If you have to wait in the car, school-age siblings can do readers or homework. For little ones, try keeping an activity pack of colouring books and pencils in the car.

After months of quiet time, it may seem like a challenge, but getting back into extra-curricular activities offers wonderful learning and fun for our kids!

Miss Kaitlin
Kaitlin Hague is the Director of Bayside Dance, holds a Bachelor of Creative Industries (Dance) and a Master of Arts. She is a passionate dance educator, journalist, adjudicator and choreographer. When she’s not dancing she’s enjoying the beautiful Bayside lifestyle and spending time with her two dogs, daughter and husband.

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