Happy Birthday Bayside Dance!

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It’s a very special concert this year!

Our studio is a tweenager! Today (18 July) is our 9th birthday, but because we started classes half way through the year, 2023 is going to be our 10th concert!

Our very first concert in 2014 had 50 students from age 3 to adult gracing the (rather small) stage. I had taught every routine and even danced with our adult ballet dancers. My (future) husband was stage manager. I think now he quite enjoys getting to be a “dance dad” and watch the show. A few things haven’t changed though – my dad and stepmum still help out with ticketing and my mum helps kids change costumes back stage, just like the first show!

Since then we’ve added shows, split age groups, changed venues, split age groups again, and added a musical to our performance offerings!

To celebrate our 10th concert, and to kick off our 10th birthday celebrations for 2024, this year’s junior and big kids ones are very special. Our teachers have poured over the lists of songs we’ve used in all our concerts, and have chosen their favourites for their classes to perform! It is so special seeing some of our senior dancers remembering routines from when they were tiny and sharing our community history.

Our preschoolers get a special treat – we’ve been saving our “Journey to Imaginationland” theme for this year! We can’t wait to see fairies, dragons and mermaids onstage!

We have a suite of fun activities planned for 2024 – a party in the park, a mid-year showcase and maybe even a gala dinner! Stay tuned for lots of excitement.
We will start trying on costumes for size over the next few weeks.

I can’t wait to share this wonderful milestone with you all!

Miss Kaitlin

18 July 2023

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