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Who’s who in the zoo?

One of the things that sets Bayside Dance apart from other dance studios is our incredible Leadership Team! Here’s a little bit about each of these four ladies and what we look after.

Me first! I’m Kaitlin, and I founded Bayside Dance in 2014 and am the Director of the studio. I look after big picture planning, finances, hiring new staff, ensuring we are up to date with policy and legal requirements and am responsible for the strategic direction of the studio. I haven’t had a regular teaching load this year but do manage our performance teams and am creative director of our end of year concerts.

Miss Kate is our Assistant Director. She first joined our team in 2015 as a teacher, progressing to preschool program coordinator and then assistant director in 2022. She is in charge of our teaching staff, our DanceStep student teacher training program, exams and teaches lots of our classes. Sometimes Miss Kate and I get mistaken for the one person but we can assure you we are two people – even if we dress the same sometimes!

Miss Lauren is our Customer Experience and Events coordinator. She takes care of reception and reception staff, our building and our studio events. She’s also the key driver of our holiday programs and our musical theatre program! Lauren joined our team in 2021 and, fun fact, worked for Disney before she worked for us!

Jaime you might not ever meet in person but we assure you she’s real! Jaime started helping me manage our administrative workload in 2015 and has since grown her role to look after our accounts, enrolments and generally keeping the rest of us sane when things get very busy!

Miss Kaitlin


5 June 2023

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