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Concerts, exams and Miss Kaitlin answers

This term, we are working towards our end-of-year concerts! All our concert information is available via the link below. You’ll also find a list of songs for each class so you know what dance your child is doing.

This month sees our Pre-elementary, Elementary and Level 8 jazz classes undergoing mock exams in preparation for next month’s SFD exams. Wishing you all the best, dancers!

Have you seen Miss Kaitlin’s weekly videos on Facebook? Each week, she’s addressing all your pressing questions, such as when dancers get their pointe shoes, why parent aren’t allowed in preschool classes, and many more!

See you on the dance floor.

Kaitlin and the Bayside Dance team



This year, we will be holding THREE concerts, broken into age groups – our Preschool Program Concert (for dancers not yet at school), our Junior Concert (for dancers in Prep, Level 1, Level 2 and Junior Classes), and our “Big Kids” Concert (for dancers in Level 3 and above). If you’re not sure which concert your dancer/s are in, feel free to email us and our friendly team will help you out.

Find out all you need to know here – Concert Information.



Do you need a studio leotard for the concert? The following classes will require our mulberry pink studio leotard for the concert:

Prep Ballet (Tues, Wed, Sat)
Prep Jazz/Tap (Wed and Sat)
Ballet Level 1
Ballet Level 3
Ballet Level 4
Ballet Level 5 (Sat)
Ballet Level 6 (Sat)
Jazz Level 1/2
Tap Level 1/2
Tap Level 3
Tap Level 4

The leotard is stocked at Stretch Out (Wynnum and Coorparoo) and Sue’s Shop (Carina), or you may find the right size in good condition in the second hand dancewear box. If your dancer has outgrown their leotard, you’re welcome to place it in our second hand dancewear box for resale too.



EKKA Show Holiday
Wed 14 Aug

Last Day of Term 3
Sat 21 Sep

First Day of Term 4
Tue 8 Oct

Concert Rehearsal
Sun 3 Nov

Sat 16 Nov

Last Day of Term 4
The Little Mermaid Jr
Sat 7 Dec

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