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We’re excited to have our parents along for our first parent watching week of the year. This is an event we usually hold twice a year, for our parents to sit in on their child’s class/es and see what they’ve been learning.

This year, we’re splitting our classes in two (to make life a little easier for our teachers and to make sure we have enough space to accommodate all our parents).

Some classes will have viewing in the week of 13 March, while most classes will have viewings in the week of 20 March.


Here are our top tips to make the most of this opportunity:

  • feel free to bring your phone along to take photos and videos, but please ensure that your phone is on silent and that you don’t answer any phone calls while class is taking place. You should only take videos/photos of your child (though we will try to coordinate a group photo at the end of class)
  • try to avoid chatting with other parents – our teachers will be working hard to keep the class focused, and extra noise is distracting
  • younger (or older) siblings are welcome to attend, but a quiet activity can help keep them occupied for what will seem like a long class for them
  • grandma’s and grandpa’s or other special friends are welcome to attend, but do keep in mind that we only have limited seating available – children should definitely give up their seats for any grandparents, adults or pregnant mums
  • the change in atmosphere can be quite off-putting for some of our littlest dancers who might be a bit nervous to have you in the room – its ok if we’re not our normal selves in class. Make sure you talk about how this week will be a special week where mum/dad comes into the dancing room to watch so that they’re prepared
  • sometimes our older dancers feel ‘too cool’ to have their parents come and watch class – that’s ok too, as its not compulsory for you to come along (though you’re more than welcome to)
  • disconnect from social media and emails for the duration of your class and enjoy this special moment with your child!

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