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We’ve just installed a whole wall of mirrors in our studios. Mirrors are a wonderful asset to a dance teacher, but working with them when you haven’t before requires some thought and there is some etiquette to follow.

It’s not all about you

Yes, one of the great things about mirrors is that you can watch yourself dance so that you can learn from the visual process. However, you should not be watching yourself ALL the time. In fact, there are times when you should be using the mirrors to watch other people in your class, to stay in time or match their line. You should also be able to change your eye-line away from the mirror if the choreography requires.

Mirrors are a tool, not the be-all-and-end-all

Using mirrors is just one great way of using self-awareness and visual feedback to guide your dance training. However, in an exam or performance setting, you won’t have mirrors to rely on. Make sure that you’re not dependant on getting visual feedback from the mirror, that you aren’t always relying on watching other dancers in the mirror and that you respect the teacher’s request when he/she asks you to face away from the mirror.

It’s not your bathroom mirror

Keep personal grooming to a minimum.

Don’t touch

Sure, it might be fun to put fingerprints on the mirror, but it won’t be fun when the teacher asks you to stay back to clean them! Help us keep mirrors clean by not touching or leaning on them.

It will take some getting used to

For our dancers who haven’t used mirrors before, it will take a little bit of getting used to. Be kind to yourself and allow for time that it will take to get used to seeing yourself dance. It’s weird at first, but if used correctly, it will help you achieve awesome results!

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